Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Sooo... since the only people who really read my blog are myself and my husband, I've decided to start a new thing where I google about the games that my husband and I play. The games change quite frequently, so there is a lot to blog about and this way we can remember and go back to all of our old games. Games to us aren't really what you would think of as traditional winner-take-all games, they are more like phrases and impersonations that we do over and over again until they are boring. You'll get the picture after you see some of the examples. Here are the latest:

1) Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting (which was on twice in a row last night on TBS - jackpot!!): Has anyone noticed what a ridiculously funny laugh Minnie has as Skylar? "Bring me another Mhai Thai... mwha ha ha ha." or "I was really hoping for a good night lay. Mwha ha ha ah". Chris and I have been doing this one over and over lately.

2) Puzzles. So, we're both into either crosswords or traditional puzzles lately. Chris is currently working on a giant Las Vegas strip puzzle (next best thing to going there). Whenever we talk about the puzzles we say, "Puzzles, bleeeah." (in kind of a baby lamb voice).

3) Carpooling. Last week my sister had my car so she could drive down to my parents while she was in town. So, Chris and I had to carpool for the 3 day week. Whenever Chris picked me up he would ask me about what I learned at school that day and then ask me about "how many horns does a triceratops have?"

4) Cat game. Anytime something is really funny or good we do this deep meeeeeeeoooow thing.

More to come...

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