Monday, January 26, 2009

Games Part Deux

It's been awhile since I've updated the game list, so let's let 'em fly.

1) Saw Game - This one came out of the blue while Chris and I were riding in the car a few weeks back. Usually while Chris is driving, he extends his arm and gives me a shelf to rest my chin on (which is another game entirely)... anyways... on this particular day Chris did not give me a shelf, but instead he pretended his hand was a saw and then began "sawing my neck off!" This got such a reaction from me that it has naturally continued and has even evolved into sawing other body parts off like my hands, legs, etc.

2) The Do Something Cute Game - This just simply involves Chris telling me to do something cute and then I do a silly face and a high-pitched "la-ayalllallll".

3) Baby Games - These are probably the weirdest of the games we play. Either of us will scrunch our faces up and stick out our tongues just a little bit while at the same time curling our hand into a fist (with pinky stuck out) and bringing it up to our face. There are many baby faces and actions that have come out of this one, like... baby pooping (angry, cranky face), baby spitting up, baby unable to hold it's own head up, baby needing to be picked up, big baby, etc.

4) You Are So Short - Usually after I get home from work and am hanging out in the kitchen, Chris will come and stand right in front of me and tell me, "You are so short." And then I will reply back, "I am so short." We repeat it a few times back and forth before moving on.

5) Horses - Chris has taken on the imaginery name Admiral Bigsley. And, of course the Admiral needs fine mares... so... I am one of his mares and my name is Stormy. And, my sister is his 2nd fine mare, Shadow. Chris will feed us carrots by patting our noses first and then holding out the carrot out flat on his hand. If he doesn't hold it out flat, then we will nip his hand because that's what horses do. I think this one originated when Chris photo-shopped his head on to a picture of an admiral and called his myspace page name "Admiral Bigsley".

More later...

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