Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have been sick since Super Bowl Sunday (I mean really sick - stomach flu/fever/aches, etc.) and hence have missed worked the past two days. These are the first two sick days that I have ever taken in my whole adult working life. I have discovered a whole new MAGICAL daytime world...

-My neighbor's kids go to Blake School (bus just dropped them off) which is a really expensive and exclusive Minneapolis school. My level of respect for them just grew a bit.

-The mailman delivers weekday mail at around 1pm. It's a man, not a mail lady.

-CSI is a really really bad show and no where near the quality (or believability) of Law & Order.

-My neighbor across the street (the wine dealer), has a whole array of really cool bags that he uses to carry his wine in.

-I love that Bravo plays marathons of their shows ALL of the time. Today I caught my first ever Work Out and I have to say that I got pulled into it.

-I love pampering myself with facials, super long showers, and then sitting around with my bangs bobby pinned straight back (normally I never show my widow's peak but no one is here to see it)

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