Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Yum, I just love Thanksgiving Eve. Everyone at work is in an over-the-top deliriously happy mood. EVERYONE. Plus, tonight is traditionally the rowdiest night of the entire year-- although my husband claims that it is only rowdy for townies. I am going to go ahead and completely disagree with him on this one and even though I am not going home to hang out with a bunch of people from high school or see old college friends, I am am still going out. Really, I think that is what makes this night truly the most happening - everyone is in a good mood. And why not? It's the start of the holiday season, we have a 4 day weekend ahead, I get to eat A LOT tomorrow. Let's face it, with the state of the economy, we are all in need of a little cheer and Thanksgiving arrived just in time!

In keeping with tradition, I am going to name the top things that I am thankful for (I know it's cheesy, but it must be done):

-My Husband, Chrissy
-My Family- new (Joanne/Mike/Lisa/Ben/Jack) and old (Tit/Boob/Moesha/Skipper)
-Good Careers
-My new Mt. Rushmore plate

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